Embedded Systems Group (ES)

Teaching Tools

This page provides several online tools to solve standard problems that occur in the lectures offered by the embedded systems group. These tools are intended to help our students with the preparation of their exams and to check the solutions of their exercises. The use of these tools for other purposes is not allowed, and no guarantees for the correctness of the computed results is given.

General Remarks (Syntax of Propositional Logic)

If propositional formulas are required as inputs, the following rules concerning the syntax have to be considered: Further explanations about the syntax of temporal logic and mu-calculus can be found in the Quartz reference card under the section proof goals and the section on boolean expressions.

Please note that the computation time has been restricted to 60 seconds to avoid denial of service attacks. In case of problems with the existing tools or proposals for new tools, contact Prof. Schneider.


There are teaching tools on the following topics: